Soft Windowing on Linear Regression (SmoothWin)
The main function in the package utilizes a windowing function in the form of an exponential weighting function. The bandwidth and sharpness of the window are controlled by two parameters. Then, a penalized change point detection is used to identify the right shape of the window (see Charles Kervrann (2004) <doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24672-5_11>).

The Spike-and-Slab LASSO (SSLASSO)
Efficient algorithms for fitting regularization paths for linear models penalized by Spike-and-Slab LASSO.

Highlight Lines and Points in ‘ggplot2’ (gghighlight)
Make it easier to explore data with highlights.

String Distance Calculation with Tidy Data Principles (tidystringdist)
Calculation of string distance following the tidy data principles. Built on top of the ‘stringdist’ package.

Exact Confidence Intervals for Random Effects Meta-Analyses (rma.exact)
Compute an exact CI for the population mean under a random effects model. The routines implement the algorithm described in Michael, Thronton, Xie, and Tian (2017) <https://…/Exact_Inference_Meta.pdf>.

Testing for Equivalence and Noninferiority (EQUIVNONINF)
Making available in R the complete set of programs accompanying S. Wellek’s (2010) monograph ”Testing Statistical Hypotheses of Equivalence and Noninferiority. Second Edition” (Chapman&Hall/CRC).