X-12-ARIMA Seasonal Adjustment Program X-12-ARIMA is a seasonal adjustment software that was produced by the Census Bureau.
Features include:
• Extensive time series modeling and model selection capabilities for linear regression models with ARIMA errors (regARIMA models);
• Many seasonal and trend filter options;
• Diagnostics of the quality and stability of the adjustments achieved under the options selected;
• The ability to efficiently process many series at once.
The X-12-ARIMA seasonal adjustment program of the US Census Bureau extracts the different components (mainly: seasonal component, trend component, outlier component and irregular component) of a monthly or quarterly time series. It is the state-of-the- art technology for seasonal adjustment used in many statistical offices. It is possible to include a moving holiday effect, a trading day effect and user-defined regressors, and additionally incorporates automatic outlier detection. The procedure makes additive or multiplicative adjustments and creates an output data set containing the adjusted time series and intermediate calculations.
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